Family Tree DNA Sale - through Dec 31, 2017

The Clan MacLaren DNA Project uses Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) for our DNA testing. They are having a sale from now until the end of the year (31 December 11:59 Central Time U.S.). Here is where you can do some of your Christmas shopping.

Take advantage of this sale by going to
and place your order. This will put you into the Clan MacLaren DNA Project.
See the table below for my suggestions on the test you should order.
If you have any questions about this, contact the CMSNA Genealogist, Bob McLaren, via email.

Individual Tests Sale Price Usual Price
Family Finder (FF) $59 $89
mtFull Sequence (FMS) $169 $199
Y-DNA 37 $129 $169
Y-DNA 67 $229 $268
Y-DNA 111 $299 $359
FF+Y-DNA 37 $178 $238
FF+Y-DNA 67 $278 $337
FF+FMS $218 $268
FF+Y-DNA 67+FMS $442 $536
mt/mtPlus to FMS $119 $159
BigY $475 $575
Y-12 to Y-37 $69 109
Y-25 to Y-37 $35 $59
Y-37 to Y-67 $79 $109
Y-37 to Y-111 $168 $228
Y-67 to Y-111 $99 $129

The Y-DNA tests are on the Y-chromosome, the male sex chromosome. Testing this gives you information about your paternal line. The mtDNA tests are on mitochondria (DNA in the body of each cell) which give you information about your maternal line. Testing Family Finder gives you information about all your ancestral lines, but unlike the first two tests, this test is only good back about five generations.

If you have already tested with FTDA but have not yet done the Family Finder test, I highly recommend adding the Family Finder ($59). This test is useful in conjunction with a Y-DNA test or a mtDNA test. Everyone who tests should order a Family Finder test.

If you are a male and haven’t yet tested, I recommend the Y-67 test ($229) and also the Family Finder ($59). You can save an extra $10 by ordering the FF+Y-67 bundle ($278). And if you what to add the mtDNA test, the FF+Y67+FMS bundle is $442.

If you are female and haven’t yet tested, I recommend the Family Finder ($59) and also the mtFullSequence ($169). Better yet is to order the FF+FMS bundle ($218).

The BigY test is relatively new and it has been mainly a research tool. It is now just about to become useful in determining relationships. It is a complete sequence of the Y-chromosome (all that can be sequenced). I suggest that all men who have tested with Family Tree DNA add the BigY ($475). You would also get the markers in the Y-67 to Y-111 upgrade for no additional cost. At present, only about 10% of our male members have done the BigY. If we get many more to add this test, our ability to better estimate how we relate will greatly improve.

If you have done a Y-DNA test, but less than 67 markers, now is the time to take advantage of the upgrades. If you have tested 12 or 25 markers, the sale only includes upgrading to 34 markers (12 to 37, $69; 25 to 37, $$35). I recommend this upgrade and then upgrade to 67 markers later. If you have tested 37 markers, I recommend that you upgrade to 67 markers ($79).

If you have previously done an mtDNA test at Family Tree DNA but not the full molecule (mtDNA FMS), I recommend the upgrade to the FMS. This is the only mtDNA test that can be useful in genealogy – the others only give you general information about your ancient ancestry but is not very useful for genealogy.

Those of you have already tested are getting a weekly coupon. Consider using this for a relative who you would like to test.

Yours aye,

Bob McLaren
Genealogist, Clan MacLaren Society (based in Scotland)
Chairman, Genealogy Committee, Clan MacLaren Society of North America
Administrator, Clan MacLaren Surname DNA Project (Worldwide)

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