This genealogical collection includes information on MacLaren, MacLaurin, MacLaurine, McLaren, McLaurin, McLarin, McLerran (and all other spellings), Law, Lawson, Lawrence, Low, Lowe, Lowry, Lowery, Lowrie, Patrick, Petrie, Patterson, Paterson, and others. In addition to the MacLaren information already mentioned, our genealogists have other information such as: a large database of Patterson marriages, a large database of Lowrys, and many Lawson family lines.


  1. To assemble a body of data for posterity regarding all Clan MacLaren sub-families and to preserve this body of information in the Clan MacLaren Society of North America (CMSNA) Genealogical Repository (called the Banks McLaurin Collection) at the Ellen Payne Odom Library at Moultrie, Georgia. CMSNA joins over 100 other Clan Societies and Scottish Organizations in using the Odom Library as a repository. This makes this library one of the leading Scottish Genealogy Libraries in the country.
  2. To provide CMSNA members and other MacLarens who are beginning a search for their ancestors information and/or a starting point in their research.
  3. To provide CMSNA members an opportunity to
    1. preserve a copy of their family history regardless of the volume of information (large or small amounts),
    2. to integrate these holdings into a large body of information that may help many CMSNA members in the search for their ancestors, and
    3. to identify the source of small data sets that would not otherwise be published or made available to MacLaren family researchers.

Source of Information

  1. The 44 issues of McLaren Quarterly published by the old Clan MacLaren Society USA and edited by Banks McLaurin, Jr.
  2. Membership applications of Clan MacLaren Society of North America.
  3. Genealogical data submitted by Clan MacLaren members and others interested in preserving their genealogical heritage.
  4. Various other sources such as census records, court records, family genealogies, etc.
  5. Unpublished data, clippings, and notes collected by Banks McLaurin, Jr., and James B. McLaren.


  1. Data from several important McLaren Collections will be computerized along with information from above sources 1, 2, 4, and 5. Some of the relatively large collections of information to be incorporated in this document came from Carl F. Greenwood, Banks McLaurin, Jr., Stuart McLaurin, Helen MacLaran Rozell, A. B. Mickey, Merlyin Pope, James B. McLaren, William McLaurin, and many others. In addition, hundreds of smaller contributions will be used to update and verify the information at hand.
  2. As the data is computerized, the source of all information on each individual will be identified on the electronic family sheet.
  3. An index of the total dataset will be produced periodically and that index, along with a copy of the computerized data, will be placed in the CMSNA Genealogical Repository. The index will contain the following information on each individual:
  1. Individual's Name and Code
  2. RIN
  3. Date Born
  4. Date Died
  5. Spouse or Father
  • This index gives enough information that one can locate an ancestor with relative ease if that ancestor is included in the data base.
  1. Each contributor of data will be given an identification number and all information submitted will be filed by that number and bound before submitting to the repository.

Benefits of Submitter

  1. A copy of the results of your search of our family history will be preserved for future generations while you retain the originals for your continued use.
  2. Your information will be combined with other information that will make for a more complete history of the overall MacLaren family.
  3. The combined information from numerous small collections and many large collections will be available to you and to other family researchers by writing to the above address or by visiting the CMSNA Repository.
  4. As this collection grows, it will be something for which any "MacLaren" will be proud.

What is Needed

  1. Family histories, family sheets, articles in commemorative local publications, census data, court records, newspaper clippings, magazine stories, and obituaries (both old and new). One of the best finds is a hand written story by some ancestor about some event or history of his family. Send a "copy" and keep your originals.
  2. Pictures of individuals and groups which can be identified.
  3. Since much of the original information in this collection came from members researching "MacLarens" (all variant spellings), more data are included for those names. We have collected a significant amount of information on the other MacLaren surnames -- Law, Lawson, Lowery, Lawrence, Patterson, etc. -- but would like to greatly expand this effort. Your contributions are welcomed.


  1. On 22 January 1996, a printed index and 15 disks containing information on over 30,000 MacLarens and MacLaren related individuals was placed at the CMSNA repository. This information will be updated periodically and it is estimated that the potential is a collection of data on more than 50,000 individuals.
  2. Future progress of this project depends upon your response. If you have any information, even information of one fact, newspaper clipping, or one obituary, please help by submitting that information.

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