While clans are based on bonds of loyalty rather than bloodlines, genealogy grows ever more important as generations move farther from ancient homelands. Understanding relationships to distinguished clan members enhances interest and understanding of history plus strengthen bonds to others located far away. With these thoughts in mind, the Clan MacLaren Society of North America (CMSNA) continues to devote time and energy into genealogy.

Our goals:
  • Compile and maintain the best, most complete dataset of our Clan and Sept families.
  • Enable CMSNA members to contribute information.
  • Supplement research through links to the Clan MacLaren Surname DNA Project.
  • Preserve this data and supporting materials.
  • Provide aid to CMSNA members in their own genealogical research.
Current focus is cataloging and organizing the large collection of data in hand after the passing of CMSNA's Genealogist of long standing, Bob McLaren, early in 2020. A major portion of this effort is directed at the electronic records he compiled as follows:

Phase 1
  • Verify the integrity of electronic data compiled from research completed by Bob McLaren as well as that of Banks and James H. McLaurin (published in 44 issues of the MacLaren Quarterly from 1969 through 1979) along with member applications and submissions through 2006.
  • Attach electronic images of supporting documents to as many individual events as practical.
  • Establish a method for online sharing of data with CMSNA members.
Phase 2
  • Verify the integrity of electronic data from research and member submissions dated between 2006 through 2018.
  • Incorporate this data into the file produced in Phase 1.
Phase 3
  • Establish links to records in the Clan MacLaren Surname DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA wherever possible.

Member submissions are, and will continue to be, welcome and encouraged throughout the work of preparing the CMSNA database. GEDCOM files are preferred but other formats can be accepted. For more information on how to send your submissions, contact the CMSNA Genealogist via the link on the CMSNA member area webpage ( near the bottom under "CMSNA contacts for CMSNA members" after login).

Disclaimer: CMSNA collects and archives DNA and family tree information to enhance knowledge and understanding of Clan MacLaren around the world. Members may request advice for where best to locate resources to conduct their own family research, but individual genealogy research services are not available.

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