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CMSNA Membership Application:
pdflogo.gifCMSNA Application.pdf
CMSNA Dues Renewal Form:
pdflogo.gifCMSNA Dues Renewal.pdf
CMSNA Tent Visitors Register:
pdflogo.gifCMSNA Tent Visitors Register.pdf
CMSNA History Trifold Brochure:
pdflogo.gifCMSNA History Brochure.pdf
CMSNA Names Trifold Brochure:
pdflogo.gifCMSNA Names Brochure.pdf
Educational Trust Brochure: pdflogo.gifEducational_Trust_Brochure.pdf
Genealogy Project Brochure: file_icons/pdflogo.gifCMSNA Genealogy_Project_Brochure.pdf
Lawrence / Law / Lawson Brochure:
file_icons/pdflogo.gifCMSNA Lawrence Law Lawson Brochure.pdf
Lowry Brochure: file_icons/pdflogo.gifCMSNA Lowry Lowery Lowrey Brochure.pdf
McRory / Wright Brochure: file_icons/pdflogo.gifCMSNA McRory Wright Brochure.pdf
Patterson Brochure: file_icons/pdflogo.gifCMSNA Patterson Brochure.pdf
Wood Badge Brochure:
pdflogo.gifCMSNA Wood Badge Brochure.pdf
New Clan Convener's Survival Kit: pdflogo.gifA New Convener's Survival Kit.pdf
Balquhidder Kirk Appeal Poster: pdflogo.gifKirk Poster.pdf
The 15 Most Compelling Points of the MacLaren Story: pdflogo.gifThe 15 Most Compelling Points of the MacLaren Story.pdf
Clan MacLaren--Some Historic Benchmarks: pdflogo.gifClan MacLaren--Some Historic Benchmarks.pdf
The White Cockade and The Laurel Story: pdflogo.gifThe White Cockade and the Laurel.pdf
"Wear a White Cockade" Sign: pdflogo.gifWEAR A WHITE COCKADE SIGN.pdf
How to Create White Cockades: pdflogo.gifInstructions for making White Cockades.pdf

Clan Posters for Highland Game Tents
Below are files for posters that can be used for clan tent displays at Highland games or other events. These were specifically designed to replace posters previously used for the clan tent at the Pleasanton games in California. We hope that they can be used or adapted to other parts of the country where conveners put up clan tent displays. These have been put to a limited test, so more information might be available on suggestions for printing and display. Please check back or send on your suggestions.

There can be several approaches to getting these posters printed. We are still looking for an inexpensive source. They were printed at an Office Depot and adhered to black foam core board. However, after that trial, it was found that double stick tape should not be used for adhering posters to foam core, which failed under damp overnight conditions. However, a spray adhesive will work. These have also been printed at a Fed Ex Kinkos location, which has a laminating process that will adhere the posters to the foam core. They have a few alternate ways of creating posters at varying prices for different display approaches. The posters were also printed at Printing Discounters (971-599-3472) for $35 each and then hung using a frame for the top and bottom. The posters can be hung or displayed in a variety of ways. These were hung using the 3M hooks that have a removable adhesive.

Surnames pdflogo.gifCMSNA Poster Surnames 3.pdf
Tartans pdflogo.gifCMSNA Poster Tartans 3.pdf
Where We're From pdflogo.gifCMSNA Poster Where 3.pdf
Who We Are pdflogo.gifCMSNA Poster Who we are 3.pdf



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