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Clan MacLaren and the Scouting Connection
Gilwell Field

What is "Gilwell Field?"

Every Wood Badge course that is conducted around the world has an area at that camp that is linked to Gilwell Park in England. This area is the assembly or parade area and is called Gilwell Field. This is the area where the Gilwell Troop assembles in formal formations and is the place where the Wood Badge staff gives out information.

Using this association, we have created a Gilwell Field on the Clan MacLaren Society website. Gilwell Field will have member-submitted articles as information for CMSNA's Wood Badge members as well as interested MacLaren kinsmen members. We hope that these articles prove interesting and informative. Most of the articles have been published in the MacLaren Standard and, therefore, may seem a bit dated. Where contact information has been provided in the article, it has been checked to see that that contact information is current.

Thank you for visiting Gilwell Field. Please visit it often and consider submitting articles.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Ted Severe, CMSNA National Wood Badge Co-Ordinator by mail at 3218 McElderry Street, Baltimore MD 21205-2819 or by email at

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  Article Title Author
1 Wood Badge Song Ted Severe
2 Wood Badge Prayer Ted Severe
3 Wood Badge Highland Dress   Ted Severe
4 Stillwater Kilts   Ted Severe
5 CMSNA Wood Badge Shirt   Ted Severe
6 CMSNA Accesories   Ted Severe
7 CMSNA Wood Badge Recognition Certificate Program.   Ted Severe
8 Wood Badge Highland Dress - For the Ladies!   Ted Severe
9 Wood Badge Call to Service   Ted Severe
10 Wood Badge Kilt Pins   Ted Severe



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